Hard Water Staining

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Glass is Porous and over time will absorb minerals. Hard Water Staining occurs when harsh minerals etch into the Glass leaving Unsightly Marks, White Circles and Fogging.


These Minerals are mostly found in harsh environmental locations where Glass is subjected to Bore Water Reticulation Systems, Seaside Properties and Salt Air, Swimming Pools, Aquatic Centres and more……



Crystal Surface Protection can safely restore your Windows, Pool Fence or Balustrading by removing the stains and protecting from future deterioration with a Nanokote Glass Coating.



  • Windows Much easier to clean, Less Time and effort.
  • Save on Cost of Replacement
  • Protect and Preserve the asset.
  • Protects Windows from future deterioration
  • Extremely Cost Effective
  • Non-Intrusive
  • Same day applications
  • Return on Investment as low as 7 Months.


Bore water has been measured to contain over 1000 ppm (Parts Per Million). These are all hard minerals within the geology of the ground that will stick and etch into glass. In comparison, pure water is 0 ppm, Tap water varies between 30-260 ppm. Pool water can be as high at 2,500 ppm. Water dries off the glass leaving these minerals to absorb into the microstructure and create the fogging, staining appearance and rough surface of the glass.

Protect your Glass from these Minerals and Make Cleaning Easier.


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