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Protective Coatings for Concrete Structures

Meets VicRoads Standard Specifications

Using a unique Two Coat same day application, Proguard will save you money. Proguard Decorative Coating meets VicRoads requirements as an Anti-Carbonation and Anti-Graffiti Coating.

Proguard saves you money and protects from Graffiti, Corrosion, Deterioration, Salt, and Moisture Egress. Old Bridges look brand new again and the Protective Coating extends their serviceable live with adds self-cleaning properties.

Proguard combines all the benefits in one product and replaces traditional epoxy coatings. The Two Coat same day application keeps the project going, saving money on hire of plant, traffic management and labour.

Specifically designed for Structural Steel and Concrete Applications, Crystal Surface Protection Pty Ltd is a selected technician for the Proguard Coating System and is proud to offer this superior Australian Made Protective Coating to our clients.

  • Anti-Corrosion
  • VicRoads Approved
  • High abrasion resistance
  • High chemical resistance
  • Anti-graffiti, anti-carbonation
  • Self-cleaning properties
  • Stable against Salt Spray
  • Hydrophobic, self-cleaning properties
  • Excellent Barrier to Water Ingress
  • Excellent Barrier to Chloride Ions
  • UV Stable
  • Weather Resistance

Features and Benefits:

Meets VicRoads requirements as an Anti-Carbonation & Anti-Graffiti Coating (Standard Sections 685 & 686).

Chemical Resistance means graffiti is easily cleaned off without affecting the integrity of the Coating. Proguard can be applied in winter months with application temperatures as low as 3°C.

Our service area covers most of Victoria, including Ballarat, Bendigo, Melbourne, Horsham, Mildura, Mornington Peninsula, Echuca, Shepparton, Geelong and Surf Coast.

  • Stops Rusting of Concrete reinforcement
  • Prevents Spalling and Concrete Deterioration
  • Easy Preparation
  • Application by Brush, Roller or Spray
  • 1 or 2 Coat Application
  • Easy to Clean
  • Functional

Add Proguard to your Bridge Painting Maintenance Program.

Where has Proguard been used?

  • Nagambie Bypass (AbiGroup Constructors)
  • Melbourne Airport (McConnell Dowell)
  • Dingley Bypass (Fulton Hogan)
  • Monash Freeway (Vic Roads)
  • Westgate Freeway (Vic Roads)
  • Western Ring Road (M80) (Leighton)
  • Regional Rail Link (Williams Landing) (AbiGroup Constructors)
  • VicRoads Western Region for Asset preservation & Graffiti Protection on ageing assets
  • Ballarat City Council (Magpie Bridge & Lift Structure at Marty Busch Reserve)
  • VicRoads North East Maintenance Alliance (Arcadia Rest Area).


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