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Our Australian Made Nanokote Protective Coating Treatments Protect your Surfaces, Make Cleaning Easier whilst saving you Time and Money.

Applications include:

  • New & Old Shower Treatments, Glass, Tiles & Grout.
  • Glass Fencing, Glass Balustrading, Glass Pool Fencing & Windows
  • Sealing of Natural Stone, Porcelain and Concrete Paver
  • Anti-Graffiti Treatments for all Porous & Non-Porous Surfaces
  • Decorative Protective Coatings for Concrete & Metal Structures

Surfaces are porous and facilitate penetration, moisture absorption and etching. Glass Fencing, Glass Balustrading, Glass Pool Fencing, Shower Screens, Tiles, Grout, Stone Paving and Concrete are all porous.

Daily Chlorine, Salt, Hard Water, Soap Scum, Limescale, Calcium and Harsh Minerals, Food Staining and repeat Graffiti attacks all penetrate the microscopic pores. These surfaces all require increasing cleaning and maintenance costs using products that are not only expensive, but time consuming.

The Solution is a Nano Treatment by Crystal Surface Protection, that will not only Protect your Surfaces, but Save you Time and Money.


– Changing the way you clean

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