New Home Treatments

New Home Treatments 2022-06-19T13:06:51+10:00

Want to keep your New Home Sparkling Clean?

We have the Solution and it requires Less Cleaning.

Glass, Tiles, Grout and more will benefit from our Nanokote Protective Coating.

Shower Screens, Bathrooms, Kitchens, Splashbacks, Laundries, Toilets, Living and Alfresco Area’s all need extra cleaning, and we know how you can Keep it Spotless.

Whether you’re a New Home Builder looking to complement the build or a New Home Owner and want the luxury feeling that our Nanokote Coatings provide, everyone benefits from our Nano Treatments.

As little as 6 months is enough time for a New Shower Screen to absorbs hard water and soap scum, making cleaning increasingly harder for you. Grout attracts dirt while the kitchen splashback attracts grease and dirt. All these surfaces can require less cleaning once treated with Nanokote Glass Coatings. Our Australian Made Coating even comes with a Manufacturers Performance Based Warranty and by treating multiple items, you get a discount.

Talk to your New Home Builder today about getting Crystal Surface Protection to treat your New Home.


-Making Cleaning Easier

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