Metal Structure Treatments

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Protection of Metal Structures

Cost Effective Solutions

Water Courses and Steel Bridges scatter the countryside. Management of Rust, Corrosion and deteriorated Lead based Coatings are crippling on a maintenance budget.

Sandblasting,rebuilding or removing deteriorated lead coatings is expensive. Not to mention the increase risk of contamination to waterways.

Crystal Surface Protection Pty Ltd has  sourced next generation products that offer cost effective alternatives for Bridge and Asset Managers.
These alternatives can be approximately 70% cheaper than traditional methods, offer equivalent protection while extending the assets serviceable life.

We have successfully treated various structures, saved our client’s money and extended the assets serviceable life. Crystal Surface Protection has researched, sourced & trialled different products and will provide best possible outcomes and tailored solutions for their clients. Once the old deteriorated coating is removed, a new coating system is applied. The system offers Protection to existing deteriorated assets and is aimed to achieve a minimum of 200 micron DFT over 3-4 coats of protective coating.


  • Cost effective, approximately 70% cheaper than conventional methods
  • Environmentally controlled with low risk of contamination
  • Daily Water Sampling and testing undertaken to ensure no contamination to waterways
  • Rust Treatment has 8 years Uv stability when used independently
  • Proguard will last for over 10 years and meets the requirements of Vic Roads Standards
  • Provides cost effective alternatives to asset protection & preservation
  • Additional benefits of Proguard include low maintenance, anti- graffiti and self-cleaning properties.
  • Excellent adhesion between substrate and the coatings.


Protect, Preserve & Save Money

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