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  • Trailer Mounted Hot Cold Pressure Cleaner

  • Easy to Use, Electric Start, Diesel Powered

  • 2600 psi 15 litres per minute

  • 1000 Litre Water Tank

The registered single axle unit is engineered for commercial applications and can be towed by most 4wd vehicles.

Use it to clean:

  • Public Amenities
  • Paved Area’s, concrete floors, driveways, BBQ’s
  • Degrease Plant & Equipment onsite (Hot Water)
  • Bridges,  Road signs & Infrastructure

This unit makes cleaning easy. Being self-contained you can safely park anywhere and start cleaning in locations where water isn’t available. Even if water is available, this unit makes it is quicker, easier and safer. Simply run out the pressure hose and turn it on. The pressure hose is mounted on a lockable reel whilst the machine utilises push button operation. A lockable toolbox and various hooks means you can safely carry and store PPE, cleaning products and tools required for your jobs.

The Hot or Cold Diesel Powered unit has 1000 litre water tank, 30m of hose, soft acting pressure gun and inbuilt bypass valve for safe and smooth operation. Electronic monitoring makes sure the unit is protected with engine fault and low water cut-off switches.


  • Hot water – 70 degrees
  • 15 l/m flow rate
  • Mine Spec Features and Heavy Duty galvanised Trailer
  • Can be towed by most 4wd vehicles (750kg Dry)
  • Mechanical Brakes
  • Diesel Powered 10Hp Motor

Located in Ballarat, Delivery available to most areas including Geelong, Bendigo, Hamilton, Melbourne, Macedon and more….

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