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Nano Coatings… Easy to Clean, Protection from Soap Scum. Save Time & Money. Stop Scrubbing your Shower Screen, Tiles & Grout

Would you like to spend less time, money and energy on cleaning? The solution is Crystal Surface Protection. We can protect and extend the life of your bathroom, treat both new & old shower screens to reduce the cost & time you spend cleaning.

Our Australian Made Nanokote Coatings form an invisible layer within the microscopic pores of the glass, tiles & grout and will protect against:

Nanokote requires no harsh chemicals and scrubbing. It’s the answer to keeping your bathroom looking brand new. Application of these coatings enhance the physical property of glass and ceramic surfaces through intelligent molecular structures that improve the durability, longevity and reduce maintenance cost and time. The only maintenance it will ever need is a quick wipe with water and vinegar.

You don’t need worry if your shower screen doesn’t look new anymore either. If your existing glass needs restoration before application, we can do that too. Your glass will receive a specialist procedure to remove soap scum and staining in preparation for its protective coating. New glass is protected and old glass is completely renewed.

When you hear the word ‘Nano’ you might think of a laboratory, space station or a science fiction story. But Nano technology isn’t just for the future, it’s something that can help you right now. It’s simple really. A Nanokote Glass Coatings is a unique product that forms an invisible within the glass & ceramic that protects the surface you want to keep and repels the particles that you don’t. It’s the life-changing technology that will make your everyday better.


It’s that simple, even rain will help keep your glass cleaner for longer

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