Nanokote Easy to Clean Glass Protective Coatings

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Keeps Your Glass Pool Fence, Glass Balustrade and Windows looking pristine all the time.

Stops Fogging of the Glass

Easy to Clean and No Harsh Chemicals saves you Time & Money

Crystal Surface Protection’s exclusive Nano Glass Coating can make your New or Old Glass Pool Fence, Glass Balustrade or Windows easy to clean. Our Australian Made Glass Protective Coating repels dirt, salt, chlorine and minerals which reduces cleaning time, effort and frequency.

Our service area includes all of Victoria including Ballarat, Bendigo, Melbourne, Mornington Pensinsula, Geelong & Surf Coast.

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The Problem:

Glass requires protection from soap scum, hard-water staining, limescale, salt and environmental grime. These elements cause deterioration & fogging, making cleaning increasingly difficult. Glass is porous and will experience etching from these harsh contaminants that remain on the surface. Does your pool fence, windows, balustrade or shower screen have that rough scum feel to it?

The Solution: Crystal Surface Protection:

A Nano Glass Coating by Crystal Surface Protection will stop these symptoms. Harsh minerals will be restricted from etching and deteriorating the glass. A simple wipe or basic cleaning will remove these contaminants keeping the glass looking brand new all the time whilst a basic clean and wipe will make it upto 90% easier.

Crystal Surface Protection can efficiently treat all your new or old glass with Nanokote ‘Easy to Clean’ Glass Coatings. The result will keep the glass cleaner for longer whilst significantly reducing the time required to maintain, saving you time & money.

Crystal Surface Protection can even restore your old glass back to brand new and then treat for you to enjoy the ongoing benefits.

A Crystal Surface Protection application is completely invisible so it does all the hard work keeping the glass looking brand new. All applications come with a the Australian owned and Manufacturers Performance based Warranty.

Commercial Buildings, Windows, Pool Fencing, Balustrading, Sliding Doors are just some of the applications for the ‘Easy to Clean’ Nanokote Coating applied by Crystal Surface Protection.


-Changing the way you clean

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