Nano Coatings for Pool Fencing, Balustrading & Exterior Glass

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It’s that simple, even rain will help keep your glass cleaner for longer.

If left untreated; minerals, dirt, salt, chlorine and soap particles absorb into the pores causing dirt to stick and if not regularly cleaned may result in staining and corrosion. When treated with a Crystal Surface Protection Nano Coating, the surface is sealed and protected.

Crystal Surface Protection can efficiently treat all your new or old glass with Nanokote Easy to Clean Glass Coatings. The result will keep the glass cleaner for longer whilst significantly reducing the time required to maintain.

A Crystal Surface Protection application is completely invisible so it does all the hard work keeping the glass looking brand new. Nanokote fills the microscopic pores and permanently bonds with the surface. Contaminants including lime scale, dirt, grime, salt, soap, salt & chlorine are restricted from sticking into the pores of the glass and merely sit on the surface. The hydrophobic coating forms small beads of water which collect the contaminants, thus enabling easy release and removal from the glass.

Pool Fencing, Balustrading, Sliding Doors and hard to reach windows will all benefit from an Easy to Clean Nanokote Coating applied by Crystal Surface Protection.

All applications come with a performance based manufacturer’s warranty.


It’s that simple, even rain will help keep your glass cleaner for longer

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