New Home Treatment Packages

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Our Nano Treatments makes your life easier.

Protect your Bathrooms against Soap Scum whilst saving time & money

Our Tailored Solutions will make cleaning your new home easy & chemical free

Do you want to keep your new home looking new? We can help you. Whether you’re a Builder or Owner – simply take up one of our New Home Nanokote Treatment packages and we’ll have Crystal Surface Protection working for you before you even move in. Once treated, a chemical free clean will keep your New Shower & Bathroom looking Brand New & Soap Scum free.

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New Home Protection Packages

1. The Life Vest

Nanokote Coatings applied to:

  • 2 New Shower Screens
  • Tiles & Grout in 2 Shower Recess.

2. The Life Boat

Nanokote Coatings applied to:

  • 2 New Shower Screens
  • Tiles & Grout in 2 Shower Recess.
  • Seal all Grout in 2 bathrooms (Floors & Walls)
  • Seal grout of all wet areas.(Toilets, Laundry)
  • Nanokote applied to all Toilets
  • Nanokote applied to all Vanity Basins (Porcelain & Ceramic)
  • Nanokote to Tiles or Glass Splashback behind cooktop in Kitchen

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It doesn’t take long for Soap Scum to etch into Glass & Tiles. As little as 6 months is enough time for a New Shower Screen to absorbs hard water and soap scum, making cleaning increasingly harder for you. A New Home Protection package is the solution. It’s Environmentally Friendly and will save you time. When your new home is treated using a Nanokote Glass Coating by Crystal Surface Protection, you receive a 10 Year performance based manufacturer’s warranty.


-Making Cleaning Easier

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