Hard Water Staining Case Study

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Problem: Bore & Hard Water Staining & Etching into Surface of Windows

Rectification:  Remove Bore & Hard Water Staining, Treat with Nanokote.

Expected Outcome:

  • Windows Much easier to clean, Less Time and effort.
  • Save on Cost of Replacement
  • Protect and Preserve the asset.

Site Conditions

Client currently uses bore water for an automatic reticulation system. Property is located on a hill, and wind sweeps water onto all windows around the house.

Bore water has been measured to contain over 1000 ppm (Parts Per Million). These are all hard minerals within the geology of the ground that will stick and etch into glass. In comparison, pure water is 0 ppm, Ballarat tap water is 260 ppm whilst Melbourne tap water varies between 30-80 ppm. Water dries off the glass leaving these minerals to etch into the microstructure that creates the staining and rough surface of the glass.

Over 50 windows all effected by the reticulation system. Client doesn’t want to be cleaning every weekend.


  • Cost of complete Treatment approx. 6% of replacement of the Windows.
  • Duration of the works taken 3 days.
  • Cleaning and removing Mineral Staining was 22 hours.
  • Preparation for coating – 3 hours
  • Application of the Coating – 6 Hours.

Total Time = 31 hours.

Before Treatment:

Property is 18 months old. Client contacted me via their builder whom knew of Crystal Surface Protection and our specialist treatments. Client expressed that other window cleaners had visited the site and spent 6-8hrs trying the clean the windows whilst being unsuccessful in removing the mineral staining.

After Treatment

Crystal Surface Protection now cleans the windows for the client to remove the minerals that have built up. The coating protects and stops these minerals absorbing & etching into the microstructure of the glass, making it easier  to clean.

With Nanokote now applied, cleaning is completed within 2 hours.


Crystal Surface Protection:

  • Saved the client on cost of replacement by performing this unique process at less than 6% of cost of replacement.
  • Provided a solution to reduce ongoing cleaning costs
  • Provided a solution for asset protection to save on cost of replacement.
  • Minimal inconvenience for the client compared to replacement of windows
  • A Maintenance Clean is reduced from over 8 hours to 2 hours, and has a much better result for the client. 75% easier, quicker and providing much better results.
  • In this instance, ROI is less than 7 months.

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